Free workouts below!

Everyone needs to exercise and I recommend that we do it every day. But for only 15 minutes!

IT must be the worst 15 minutes of your day though, meaning that you must work to your personal maximum exertion during that time - no resting! If you have to stop to re-set, do it and then keep going!

I am going to film myself working out 5 days a week and you can watch and work out with me!

I am not a qualified fitness trainer and I am not pretending to be one, but I will be there with you doing my 15 minutes, whether I have a hangover, a sleepless night or whatever. It's only 15 minutes and I need to do it and I'd love you to do it too.

You will be able to choose from 20 different exercises per month and you can mix and match them however you want to so long as you pick 5 different 3 minute exercises and do them with everything you’ve got!

The work out must last at least 15 minutes. Take it seriously but have fun!

You can send me Before and After pictures of yourself and chat on the forum about how you are finding things and feeling.

Get another family member or friend to work out with us if you like company and it will make it even more fun!

You can take me on holiday, on work trips or anywhere, so there are no excuses for not getting our 15 minutes a day. I'll be there on your mobile phone or laptop!

To access my work-out videos, vooks and special offers, please join The Vook club for £20/year.


Below are some FREE workouts! Watch Sinitta working out at home with some Super Fit Hotties!